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Have you ever wanted to be Elvis for a night? How about a day in the life of Holly Golightly? We are looking for volunteer actors and actresses to play characters from books, theater and the arts. Embrace your sense of adventure and let your alter ego unfold. If interested,
Click Here to sign up. We have a number of suggested characters and welcome your ideas as well. Dossiers on characters provided.  

About the Event


This August 8th 2020 will be a night like no other in Osterville. Characters from books, theater and the arts will come to life for a night of interactive theater against a backdrop of celestial décor. Time and place :VIP early access at 6:30pm, general tickets enter at 7:15PM  inside The Osterville Library… mingle with your favorite characters at the books come to life  

Osterville Village Library


The Osterville Village Library is thrilled to be 

hosting “ Night At The Library” The fundraiser allows us to continue to support our community by providing cultural events aimed at enriching the lives of both young and old alike, while keeping with our mission. Join us as we innovate and evolve, with more than a few surprises in store.


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 Welcome to “ Night At The Library!”  Spend the evening shaken not stirred with James Bond. Ask William Shakespeare to tell the true tale of his inspiration for the sonnets.  Always entertaining, Mark Twain will have you laughing with rapid fire quips and quotes. Last if but not least, see  if Old Blue Eyes is willing to croon a tune. Osterville may never be the same. We’re counting on it. 

The Osterville Village Library  will transform the library into a menagerie of history against a backdrop of celestial décor. It will be a midsummer’s night dream, indeed.  

Join us for an enchanting encounter with some of our favorite characters from literature, theater and the arts. All ages, backgrounds, and time periods! Through interactive theater, guests will have the chance to meet, talk, and otherwise enjoy the company of  timeless heroes, heroines,  and the authors who brought them to life. 


The mission of The Osterville Village Library is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our community. To fulfill our mission, we rely on library staff, collections, programs and the participation of our patrons and community.

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Night at the Library

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